Exmoor Buckfast Queens

Our breeder queens are carefully selected from our best performing colonys and also come from the best genetic material available in Europe, every care is taken to ensure that the queens we sell are of the highest quality from both a genetic and physical point of view. It is this attention to detail that makes Buckfast queens the right choice to make your beekeeping both enjoyable and profitable.

We use Buckfast theory and selection tools/methods to breed our bees and the result is an excellent strain of honey bee that is a pleasure to work with. Docile, easily managed, has a low swarming index, creates large colony populations yet is thrifty with its stores and of course gives a high honey production. Regular testing is carried out to monitor disease resistance.

Our queens are available from mid may (weather permitting) till late september, but as demand for queens usually far exceeds supply, it is necessary to reserve your queens as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment. Queens are sent in nicot plastic cages with 8 to 10 attendant bees to look after the queen during transit.

Open mated F1 queens: our classic queens for heading honey production colonys. These are sisters of the queens used by us in our production apiaries.

postage for queens varies,

Price: ........................................................ £48 each.

Mating station queens: mated at our world famous isolated mating station on Dartmoor, the true home of the Buckfast bee and used by Brother Adam to breed the original Buckfast bees, also our other isolated mating station here on Exmoor, these are Buckfast selected queens, mated in isolation with a group of specially selected sister queens as the drone providers, for reliability, consistent characters and performance. These queens can be used for breeding purposes after daughter testing.

Price: ....................................................... £100 each. ( not available for 2023 )

Breeder queens: these are queens that have either been inseminated with select drone semen or are isolated mated queens, whose daughters have been tested and proved themselves. These queens are about one year old at the time of sale.

Price: ....................................................... £300 each. ( not available for 2023 )

Numbers of breeder queens are very limited and early ordering is essential.

Note... all our queens offered for sale are both reared and mated in the UK on Exmoor.
Please contact me if you wish for any further information.

We encourage you to collect your queen/s from us however if you are too far away to travel and you choose to have your queen/s delivered we can organize this for you at an additional cost using Royal Mail special delivery, their service guarantees delivery the next day before 1pm. Please be aware that should you choose to have your queen/s delivered we will not be liable for any lost packages and it will be your responsibility to make any claims to Royal Mail should damages or losses occur. Please visit the Royal Mail website for further information regarding lost mail and making claims with them for compensation. We have been using Royal Mail special for many years and we continue to use them for their rapid delivery service and good handling, which all means less stress and traveling time for the bees however we do encourage you to collect your queen/s from us rather than having them posted. We can accommodate collection by a third party organized by you as well.

Queens only sold within the UK.

Contact us: enquiries@exmoorbeesandbeehives.co.uk

Telephone 01643 863109 or mobile 07484 819432